Since its establishment in 1953, Fusheng Company has always followed the motto, “pursuing excellence and enriching life”, in every major and minor decision it’s made. The company has transformed from an individual enterprise, specializing in overhauling all types of air compressors made in Europe, America, and Japan, to an international player, taking root in Asia, North America, Europe, and other continents. The company’s product range has extended from air compressors to other sectors such as golf club heads and semiconductor lead frames.

Fusheng Industrial 

Provider of Complete Compressed Air Solutions

Since Fusheng was founded in 1953, it has transformed from a small Taiwanese company to a regional manufacturing business group, taking root in China and various Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. The company was initially built from the ground up, and it overcame daunting challenges to gain a foothold in Taiwan, where it specialized in overhauling all types of air compressors made in European countries, the United States of America, and Japan. Over the years, Fusheng expanded its reach to Europe and North America through mergers and acquisitions, allowing it to become one of the most globalized manufacturing groups in the compressor field. (Link to FSI )

Main products includes:
  • Industrial-use air compressors solutions
  • Air treatments, control systems
  • Compressors for rail and road applications
  • Refrigerant compressors
  • Blowers and generators

Fusheng Precision

The World-Class Precision Metal Forming Manufacturer

Acquired and established in 1978, the former Sporting Goods Division in Fusheng Industrial was spun off as Fusheng Precision in 2010. The company has been the largest golf club head manufacturer in the world, with decades of experience in casting, forging, and carbon fiber forming. It was also the first company to go public within the Group after Fusheng was taken private in 2008.(Link to Fusheng Precision )

Main products include:
  • Golf Club Head/ Shaft
  • Baseball Bat
  • Industrial Precision Parts
  • Aerospace/ Automotive Precision Parts

Fusheng Electronics 

World-Class IC and LED Lead Frame Manufacturers

For many years, Fusheng Electronics has continuously invested in the management, research and development of human resources in order to improve its products. Not only have the products passed many ISO certifications, but they also carry a strong reputation in the global supply chain integration market. By combining advanced technology and new materials, under the efforts of computerized integrated manufacturing and cutting-edge R&D processes, the company continues to expand its enterprise layout and improve its service and operational efficiency. (Link to FUSHENG )

Main products includes:
  • IC lead frames
  • LED lead frames

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